Paul Clark Party Band

Everything You Need To Know About


BUCKEYE LAKES #1 PARTY BAND or 740-928-8116

THE PAUL CLARK PARTY BAND is comprised of seven quality musicians whose talent and

dedication provide a tremendous range of musical styles for any occasion!Their many years

of experience and professionalism assure that your musical needs will meet or exceed your

expectations.Drawing from a huge repertoire of songs from Classic Rock,R&B-Soul,DoWop,

old standards,Disco or Top 40,your event/evening will be fun-filled and unforgettable.THE

PAUL CLARK PARTY BAND dresses for the occasion,from the formal Tuxedo to the comfor

table "BEACH LOOK",you'll be pleased with whatever attire you requested for the evening .


PAUL CLARK is well known for his many years on the "music scene",maintaining a crowd

pleasing group from country clubs,weddings,festivals,and top night spots...very reminisc

ent to "'those good old days".Paul has played with many national artists and will always be

professional stage-wise and will personally work with you in planning the musical needs &

special items for your special event and can provide any needed emcee tasks that may be

needed to insure the event moves along smoothly and at a comfortable pace.I thank you,

for considering "THE PAUL CLARK PARTY BAND.


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