Born Nov,7th,1944 as PAUL A.ORSETTI.Graduated from Columbus Linden McKinley in 1962 at 17.educated at OSU and Columbus State>Began

playing accordion at age 7,taking lessons from Paul DiGoia at Coyles Music and drums at 10-11 from Ray Racle also from Coyles.The music

instruction recieved from Daniel Baker,band director at Linden,afforded me the reading/charting of all types and styles of music and the

opportunity to enhance performing live.

I began Labor Day weekend 1959 at The Granville Inn and onto Buckeye Lakes Crystal Ballroom,playing BIG-BAND music  in front of many heroes

of yester-year and capping it off at the Lakes skating rink with Channel 6s Gene Fullen Show playing in a littles 4piece R&R band and at that time I

knew this was my destiny and haven't stopped for 51+ years.

I have been extremely fortunates to have performed with tremendous players throughout my career and it was in 1965-66,thanks to the late

Jerry Rasoe of Channel 4s Dance Party for TV exposure and many Ohio performances and Chuck Selby of Valley Dale good days for creating

that venue and "THE POSSUMS" were created,with help from THOM McANNS SHOE STORES,whose loud,multi colored suede shoes called

possums,we chose that name along with our matched loud (fake)Possum on stage and my 1949 FORD WOODYs,we embarked on the long and

fun journey.Whitey Lunzars Music and Hillside Records produced a record with THE POSSUMS,STEPPIN STONE AND SHE DON'T CARE

ABOUT TIME and helped us win the Battle of the Bands.This gave us a chance to play with many national artists in many states and venues,such



Those flourishing night club years at Luv Pub,Coventry,Blarney Stones,Silver Dollar,DaVincis,LaScalas and the many hotels that were "HOT"

and still enjoy playing at Gatsbys,Linden Eagles and all the many still supportive of live music and of course,my special venues at my home at

Buckeye Lakes,Yacht Club,Copper Penny,Papa Boos,Amvets51 and all the festivals,weddings and special events makes it all worth-while.

To list all those special and talented friend/players would be endless,it is a very special circle.

The new "PAUL CLARK PARTY BAND" features a great and talented line-up being,Rob Harris Lead guitat/vocals,Steve Green bass/vocals,

Al Meyers drums/vocals,Don Groner keyboards,Howard Everitt trumpet/vocals,John Carson saxophone and myself on vocals. 

A special thanks to my old band  "THE POSSUMS",Rick Trees deceased,Jimmy Harrington,Larry Humm and Jim Walters and I am making

plans on re-doing the record,called,PAUL CLARK AND THE POSSUMS,WITH PCPB,REVISITED 2011.


Thanks for letting me be a part of your special events and happenings all these years.



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